BBM Icon Redesign for iOS 7

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The original intention of this design isn’t anything more than a designers gripe with symmetry and bad form to say the least with not making the proper changes reflective of such said platform that has incorporated a new UI (user interface) language in its whole.

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iOS 7 Redesign

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Since Apple debuted iOS 7 everyone in the design community has had their say and not only that, but have taken their approach with redesigning starting with the icons. With iOS 7 fully installed (legitimately of course via Apple Developers) and running under beta 2 I was surely hoping to see more consistency in the design language. Despite being beta 2, there are a number of flawed errors in the overall language that just don’t make much sense. I, like the global community of designers have all come to the same conclusion and we just can’t make heads or tails to some of Sir Jony Ive’s choices.
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